Dynamics of Impoverishment Impact of Healthcare Payments in Nepal
---  Shiva Raj Adhikari, Vishnu Prasad Sapkota
लैंगिकता र लडाइँपछिको नेपालको संक्रमण
---  Jeevan Baniya, Sambriddhi Kharel et al
Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Assessment of the Energy Sector
---  Asian Development Bank
Ethnography, History, Culture Enduring Oppositions and Creative Dynamism in Nepal
---  David Holmberg
Gender and Nepal’s transition from war
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Brokering in International Development: A Consideration of Analytical Issues
---  Jeevan R. Sharma
Migration of Health Workers from Nepal
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Labour Migration and the Remittance Economy The Socio-Political Impact
---  Bandita Sijapati, Ang Sanu Lama, Jeevan Baniya et al
The Idea of Nepal
---  David Gellner
Torture and III-Treatment: Perceptions, Experiences and Justice-seeking in Kathmandu’s Squatter Communities
---  Jeevan R. Sharma, Bandita Sijapati et al
Maternal and Child Health: Where does Malawi stand on Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5?
---  Radha Adhikari
Labouring Under Fire: Nepali Contractors in Afghanistan
---  Noah Coburn
Maternal and Child Health: Where does Nepal stand on MDGs 4 and 5?
---  Radha Adhikari
Disaster, Disability, & Difference
---  Austin Lord, Bandita Sijapati et al
अबको नेपाल ज्ञानको नेपाल
---  Social Science Baha
Rethinking Secularism: An invitation to an experiment
---  Shiv Visvanathan
Labour Migration and Skills Training
---  Prakriti Thami & Ashim Bhattarai
Biranchibarwa: VDC Profile
---  Mohammad Ayub, David N. Gellner, Dinesh Pathak, et al
Bagwana: VDC Profile
---  Mohammad Ayub, David N. Gellner, et al
Jhauwa Guthi: VDC Profile
---  Mohammad Ayub, David N. Gellner, Dinesh Pathak, et al
Migration and Resilience: Experiences from Nepal's 2015 Earthquake
---  Bandita Sijapati, Jeevan Baniya, et al
एक्लो र निराश : विदेशमा न्याय खोजिरहेका प्रवासी कामदारका लागि सहयोग
---  Bandita Sijapati, Sarah Paoletti, et al
श्रम प्रवासन एजेन्टस्ः नियमावली, जवाफदेही र विकल्पहरू
---  Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson, Sarah Paoletti, et al
श्रम प्रवासनमा शोषण — बेचबिखन यसको मात्रा र नेपालमा सुधारको आवश्यकता
---   Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson, Sarah Paoletti, et al
जोखिमपूर्ण व्यवसाय नेपालका म्यानपावर कम्पनीको उत्तरदायित्व
---   Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson, Sarah Paoletti, et al
What Led to the 2006 Democratic Revolution in Nepal?
---  Chaitanya Mishra
सम्पदा व्यवस्थापनको ६० वर्ष: नेपाली राज्य र गैर–राज्यको अग्रसरता
---  Ramesh Rai
Overseas Assistance for Nepali Migrant Workers Seeking Justice Abroad
---  Bandita Sijapati, Sarah Paoletti, et al
State of Migration in Nepal
---  Sanjay Sharma, Shibani Pandey et al
स्वदेशमा प्रवासी कामदारको न्यायमा पहुँच : नेपाल
---  Sarah Paoletti, Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson et al
Labor Migration Agents: Regulation, Accountability and Alternatives
---  Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson, Sarah Paoletti et al
The Exploitation-Trafficking Continuum in Labor Migration and the Need for Reform in Nepal
---  Sarah Paoletti, Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson et al
A Risky Business Accountability of Manpower Agencies in Nepal
---  Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson, Sarah Paoletti et al
Migrant Workers’ Access to Justice at Home: Nepal
---  Sarah Paoletti, Eleanor Taylor-Nicholson et al
KAMAUNE: The Cultural and Economic Imaginaries of Migration
---  Gaurab KC
Seed Freedom and Food Freedom in Times of Globalisation
---  Vandana Shiva
The Stigma of the Name: Making and Remaking of Dalit Identity in Nepal
---  Amar Bahadur BK
Migration for Labour and its Impact on Farm Production in Nepal
---  Amina Maharjan, Seigfried Bauer & Beatrice Knerr
Taken for Granted: Nepali Migration to India
---  Sanjay Sharma & Deepak Thapa
The Mobility of Permanence: The Process of Relocating to Kathmandu
---  Andrew Nelson
Governing Labour Migration in Nepal: An Analysis of Existing Policies and Institutional Mechanisms
---  Bandita Sijapati & Amrita Limbu
The Varieties of Democracy
---  André Béteille
कफाला प्रणाली र नेपाली घरेलु कामदारमा यसको असर
---  Rooja Bajracharya & Bandita Sijapati
Perils and Prospects of International Nurse Migration from Nepal
---  Radha Adhikari
The Kafala System and Its Implications for Nepali Domestic Workers
---  Rooja Bajracharya & Bandita Sijapati
Trafficking and Forced Labour in Nepal: A Review of the Literature
---  Bandita Sijapati, Amrita Limbu & Manisha Khadka
Enumerating Migration in Nepal : A Review
---  Jeevan Raj Sharma & Sanjay Sharma
IMAP Reader: A Collection of Essays on Art and Theatre in Kathmandu
---  edited by Sanjeev Uprety & Robin Piya
मधेस: समस्या र सम्भावना
---  edited by Basanta Thapa & Mohan Mainali
समावेशी लोकतन्त्रका आधारहरु
---  edited by Mohan Mainali
Masculinity and Mimicry: Ranas and Gurkhas
---  Sanjeev Uprety
Nepali History as World History
---  Bernardo A. Michael
Globalisation in Nepal: Theory and Practice
---  James F. Fisher
People's Participation in Conflict Transformation: A Case Study of Jana Andolan II in Nepal
---  Bandita Sijapati
Institutions and Resources
---  Elinor Ostrom
Geographical Education and Research in Nepal
---  Jagannath Adhikari
The Vamshavali from Chamba: Reflections of a Historical Tradition
---  Romila Thapar
Views from the Field: Anthropological Perspectives on the Constituent Assembly Elections
---  David Holmberg, Judith Pettigrew et al
Where is the Revolution? Towards a Post-National Politics of Social Justice
---  David Ludden
The Return of the Sacred: The Language of Religion and the Fear of Democracy in Post-Secular World
---  Ashis Nandy
लोकमतको खोजी: सार्वजनिक संवाद
---  Social Science Baha
नयाँ नेपालको परिकल्पना
---  edited by Mohan Mainali
Baha Journal 3
---  Social Science Baha
Political Parties of Nepal
---  Krishna Hachhethu
Close-up and Wide-angle: On Comparative Ethnography in the Himalaya and Beyond
---  Michael Oppitz
Baha Journal 2
---  Social Science Baha
From Kin to Caste: The Role of Guthis in Newar Society and Culture
---  Gerard Toffin
Baha Journal 1
---  Social Science Baha
दार्जीलिङमा नेपाली जाति र जनजातीय चिनारीका नया अडानहरू
---  Kumar Pradhan
Trident and Thunderbolt: Cultural Dynamics in Nepalese Politics
---  Harka Gurung
त्रिशूल र दोर्जे: नेपाली राजनीतिमा सामाजिक परिवेश
---  Harka Gurung